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Bridging Gaps In Construction Litigation

Even small construction projects are feats of will and cooperation. Between owners, construction companies, contractors and subcontractors, construction is only as stable as its contracts.

You need to have a legal team with the experience and skill to review and renegotiate when the legal contracts are broken or insufficient.

At Ricci Partners, LLC, we work with businesses and individuals located throughout New Orleans to address all types of construction disputes.

When The Law And Construction Intersect

Do you need your construction contracts reviewed? Are you concerned about a breach of contract? As your lawyers, we can bring our experience and knowledge to handle:

  • Liens, covenants and other impediments to construction
  • Contractor and subcontractor disputes
  • Building code and zoning review

Construction is great until something goes wrong. Then, it is easy to find yourself waiting around with a half-finished building while legal disputes fritter away your time and money.

Hiring an attorney who is prepared for both negotiation and litigation is a sure way to minimize your delays and save your time and money.

Work With Ricci Partners, LLC

After working in Louisiana construction law for more than 30 years, our combined experience has taught us some vital lessons — treat everyone with respect, stand up for what is right and pay attention to detail.

Construction litigation is an area our attorneys are very familiar with. We have worked with clients who need help with contracts, whose industrial construction projects are up for review and who have problems as simple as being hurt at work on a construction site.

Let Us Help You

Find out more about us and how we can help you. Call 504-304-7115, or send us an email to schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers. We will work with you at a time suited to your schedule.