Credit card company accused of discriminatory practices

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2022 | Business Litigation |

Discrimination allegations can lead to legal complications for any type of Louisiana business. As an example, a former employee of American Express recently filed a lawsuit against the major credit card company alleging certain types of unfair and illegal practices within the company. The class-action lawsuit asserts that the plaintiff experienced discrimination when the credit card company terminated his employment. He asserts that his termination happened because he spoke out against the company’s allegedly racially discriminatory policies 

A response to anti-racism policies 

The plaintiff was fired in 2020 after he claims that American Express began implementing policies that unfairly targeted white employees. He claims that the company gave preferential treatment to black employees, offering advancement opportunities solely on the basis of race. The lawsuit states that the policies were intended to identify and remove employees who did not agree with the overall philosophy behind the new policies and quotas. 

In the lawsuit, there are details outlining how the company told white employees to treat their Black co-workers differently. The plaintiff also says that his direct supervisor engaged in reverse discrimination, and that she received certain benefits for reducing the overall number of white employees in the department. A spokesperson for American Express says that the allegations against the company are baseless. 

Defending against allegations 

If a Louisiana company is in a position in which it is accused of discriminatory practices, a prompt response is critical. While the prevention of litigation is not always possible, it is possible to fight back and defend the interests of a company. Even in the most complex situations, a resolution may be possible through negotiation or mediation.