Candy company faces business litigation over ingredient

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2022 | Business Litigation |

Mars, the company known for producing Skittles and other popular types of candy, is facing legal challenges after a consumer group filed a lawsuit. The company is facing litigation due to allegations that the flavorful Skittles candy contains a dangerous ingredient. The lawsuit alleges that the candy contains elevated levels of titanium dioxide, making the candy unfit for consumption. 

Possible class-action litigation 

Representatives for the consumer group that filed the lawsuit are seeking class-action status for their case. They allege that by exposing a large number of consumers to potentially dangerous side effects brought by this specific ingredient, including consumers in Louisiana, the company should be held financially accountable for harm suffered. This specific chemical, titanium dioxide, is set to be banned in the European Union very soon after a food safety authority found that it could potentially change DNA. 

Mars uses this specific ingredient to make its individually flavored pieces more colorful. The company has stated that it does intend to remove this ingredient from its processes, but it is still included in Skittles. The lawsuit alleges that the candy is unsafe, and many consumers are unaware of the risk. 

Fighting back against these allegations 

The candy company will benefit from taking the appropriate steps to protect its interests as it seeks to fight back against these allegations. While a settlement is possible, the company may benefit from exploring defense options if it is necessary to go to court. When a Louisiana company is navigating business litigation matters, the assistance of an experienced attorney is critical.