Options for victims of pregnancy discrimination

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Experiencing any type of discrimination in the workplace can leave you in a position in which you are unsure of how to protect your interests or what you should do next. Pregnancy discrimination is a common form of mistreatment often experienced by female employees as they may have temporary needs or require time away from work. Any type of discriminatory treatment in the workplace is unacceptable, and victims do not have to remain silent.

Pregnancy discrimination involves the unfavorable treatment of a woman because of childbirth, a medical condition related to her pregnancy or the pregnancy itself. An employer cannot engage in pregnancy-related discrimination at any point of the employment process, including in decisions involving hiring, firing, promotions and more. If you experienced this treatment, you could have grounds to pursue a claim against your employer.

Your rights according to the Pregnancy Discrimination Act

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act prohibits all discrimination on the basis of a woman’s pregnancy or related matters. This means your temporary condition should not result in unfavorable results in employment issues, including job interviews, insurance coverage, benefits, training, promotions, compensation and more. Your pregnancy should not result in the development of a hostile work environment, including harassment, inappropriate comments and more.

If there is a point during your pregnancy when you are no longer able to meet the demands of your job, your employer should treat you the same as an employee with a temporary disability.

This may include providing you with reasonable accommodations, giving you alternative assignments, putting you on light duty or working with you to make sure you are comfortable and safe. Depending on the nature of your pregnancy-related medical conditions, you may have a disability. This would give you a rightful expectation to reasonable accommodations.

What is next for you?

There are legal options available to you if you believe that you are a victim of pregnancy discrimination. The Louisiana civil justice system provides you the opportunity to seek justice through a legal claim against your employer for discriminatory treatment. An assessment of your case will allow you to understand the specific legal options available to you.

Discrimination claims are time-sensitive, and your quick action can impact the outcome of your case. It is illegal for your employer to retaliate against you for making a formal complaint about the treatment you received at work or a lawsuit you filed. While it can be intimidating to speak out against your employer or others in your place of work, you do not have to remain silent as a victim of pregnancy discrimination.