When a construction company isn’t paid for its work

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2021 | Construction Litigation |

Individuals who work in the construction industry have tough jobs with difficult timelines. They often encounter issues that make completing their projects a bit of a challenge. When the work is completed, they expect payment for the job done, and rightly so. Unfortunately, many construction companies in Louisiana and elsewhere find they have to fight to get paid, which isn’t okay.

One construction companys story

Recently, one construction company in another state shared its story about completing a project and not being paid for it in full. According to the general counsel for Nello Construction, the company was hired to build a high school. The building was finished and opened for public use in January 2021. Since the completion of the project, the company has been paid all but the last $2 million owed per the contract and has been unsuccessful in its attempts to receive the final payout.

After months of getting nowhere, Nello Construction filed a lawsuit against the school district. It is seeking $7 million in damages. It is unclear if this case will go to trial or will ultimately be settled out of court. The school district has not issued a public response to the issue, as litigation is pending.

Legal options

The last thing any construction company in Louisiana or elsewhere wants to do is file civil claims to get paid for completed projects. Before things get that far, legal counsel can help one attempt to resolve the matter through other means — such as sending a warning letter or engaging in negotiations, mediation or arbitration. If litigation does prove necessary, an experienced construction litigation attorney can help one get through it as quickly as possible.