What information should be included in an employment agreement?

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Business owners in Louisiana and their employees depend on contracts to keep their working relationships in line and expectations clear. Formal agreements are sometimes written, depending on ones field of employment. Some agreements, however, are verbal, and others may be implied — based on information outlined in company handbooks or shared via memos. Regardless of whether an employment agreement is formal, verbal or implied, what information should it generally include?

The basics

A basic employment agreement generally offers information about the terms of employment. This information might include salary, vacation and sick leave, health insurance and termination policies — among various other things. All things employees need to know.

The extras

Now, more formal, written agreements may address things well beyond the basics. The contract may include a noncompete agreement, a confidentiality agreement or an exclusive employment clause — among various other terms. What this contract includes may vary from position to position and from employee to employee.

Get help creating solid employment agreements

Creating a solid employment agreement as a business owner or even negotiating the terms of the contract as a potential employee can be difficult. Thankfully, it is something neither side has to do alone. Business owners can seek assistance writing contracts or company handbooks that include all the information they feel is necessary to protect themselves and fully express the job responsibilities, imitations, expectations and benefits. Potential employees have the right to have legal counsel review these contracts before signing or accepting employment and request alterations if they feel it appropriate to do so.