Building association wins big in construction defect case

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2021 | Construction Litigation |

A condo association in another state filed a lawsuit against the property developer, builders and architect back in 2018 and just recently settled. The association is going to walk away with nearly $18 million to fix various construction defects. This is a big win and proof that the construction industry in Louisiana and elsewhere can be held accountable for shoddy work.

What happened?

The Regalia condominium tower was built in 2014. After turning the property over to the condo association, an inspection of the building found a number of issues. Unfortunately, the builder failed to address those issues in a timely manner, and the association felt it had no other choice but to take legal action. Problems noted in the inspection report included the installation of faulty balcony doors, cracked tiles, improperly installed pool joints, flawed railings, unsafe steam rooms and various other things.

The settlement

After years of going back and forth on this matter, a settlement was finally reached in this case. The association was granted nearly $10 million in cash to fix various issues. Another $8 million was granted as reimbursement for new balcony doors, which the association had already purchased and installed.

Why do these cases take so long to resolve?

An attorney for the developer commented that cases like this are common, and this is why developers have insurance. Yet, it has taken years to resolve the matter. Why? Just because builders and developers have insurance for construction defect claims, it doesnt mean they want to use it. They are likely to fight to avoid having to payout.

Louisiana residents who find themselves dealing with construction defects do not have to fight for compensation on their own. Legal counsel can help them achieve maximum compensation for their losses. It may take time, but under the right circumstances, relief may be achieved through out-of-court negotiations or, if necessary, litigation.