Is FSBO in your best interests?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2021 | Real Estate Transactions |

Thinking about selling your home in Louisiana? Thinking about doing it without the assistance of a realtor? You can certainly save quite a bit if you opt to offer your house for sale by owner, but if you arent careful, you could lose a lot as well. Doing FSBO can serve you well, but only if you go about it the right way.  

The benefit of FSBO 

The biggest benefit of selling your home on your own is cost savings. Realtor fees come in at around 6% of the sale price. That is a big chunk of change that could go in your pocket instead.  

The drawbacks of FSBO 

The biggest drawback of selling your home is having to do all the leg-work. In the current housing market, finding a buyer isnt usually much of an issue. However, you may find it a struggle to draw up contracts, know what you are required to disclose and know how to vet your buyer.  

You are not alone 

When opting for FSBO, you are not alone. Realtors are not the only professionals you can turn to for assistance selling your home in Louisiana. You can turn to an experienced real estate law attorney for assistance with drafting contracts, answering any questions you might have and helping you get the sale of your home across the finish line in a way that is not only best for you but also protects you from potential litigation down the line. To learn more about how having legal counsel on your side while you sell your home, please take a moment and visit our firms website.