Former television show host agrees to settle discrimination case

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All employees should be treated fairly by their employers. But what should happen and what does happen sometimes are two completely different stories. When employees in Louisiana or elsewhere feel they are being mistreated, to the point it becomes discrimination, they may be entitled to hold their employers accountable, as well as seek compensation for their losses.

One womans story

Recently, it was reported that a former television show host in another state settled a sex and wage discrimination case against Public Broadcasting Service. According to her initial complaint, she said she was paid less than the previous male host. She also claims the company prevented her from taking outside work, despite her position only being a part-time gig — something that was not required of the previous host. She says she was ultimately fired for refusing to give up her second job.

PBS response

A spokesperson for PBS has declined to comment on the situation. Legal counsel for the defendant did argue that no wage or sex discrimination occurred. They claimed the previous host had more experience and thus was paid more. They also claimed that PBS was not aware of his work outside of the company.

The outcome

Ultimately, this case was settled for $89,000 — part to go to the plaintiff and part to cover her legal fees. This type of outcome is not uncommon in discrimination cases. Most employers in Louisiana and elsewhere are willing to settle because it is usually better for them in the long run. Those who feel they are victims of workplace discrimination may follow in this womans footsteps and seek fair treatment by their employers. Legal counsel may help with this by filing claims and negotiating settlement terms or, if necessary, taking the matter to court.