Builder seeks to have lawsuit put on hold

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2021 | Construction Litigation |

The construction industry can be a difficult business to be in whether one works in Louisiana or elsewhere. Delays and other issues can lead to breach of contract claims, which can lead to lawsuits. Most recently, it was reported that a builder in another state is facing litigation for delays in a project. The contractor is seeking to have the lawsuit put on hold, however.  

What is going on? 

According to reports, the contractor, West Construction Inc., was hired to build an airport terminal. The project did not reach near completion until Jan. 2021, which was over a year and a half beyond what was agreed to in the contract. The county filed a lawsuit in March for breach of contract. A second lawsuit was filed against the contractors insurance company for breach of bond. The county is seeking $1.2 million in damages.  

What the builder is trying to do 

In mid-April, the contractor filed a motion to stay the lawsuit. Instead, the company would like to pursue negotiation or mediation. The county has allegedly failed to use alternative dispute resolution methods to resolve the situation. Obviously, doing so would cost less and take less time than litigation.  

Litigation is not always necessary 

Only time will tell what happens with this case. It is a good example of how serious construction litigation cases can be and how quick some people are to jump to litigation. In some cases, it is the best way to resolve disputes and achieve maximum compensation for ones losses. In others, however, negotiation or mediation may prove just as effective and save both parties time and money. Contractors or consumers who find themselves dealing with a construction dispute in Louisiana can turn to an experienced attorney for assistance resolving the situation in the manner best suited to their situation.