Construction company suing hotel developer

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A lot can happen during the construction process that can delay or stop a project in its tracks. For example, in Louisiana and elsewhere, when a developer fails to pay contractors for work completed, the contractors have every right to stop work and demand payment. A situation like this is currently playing out in another state, but rather than just demanding payment, the contractor is suing the developer.

The situation

According to reports, ground was broken for a hotel back in Nov. 2019. Since then, a construction company has been working on the project until the developer, Nature Coast Development Group, LLC, apparently defaulted on its loan, stopped making payments, and locked up the construction site. According to the general contractor, WB Construction Services Inc., the company is owed over $900,000 for work completed, and says that its equipment has not been returned. The construction services company is seeking:

  • Attorney fees
  • Damages
  • Return of equipment
  • Payment for services rendered
  • Forced sale of the property

It was not reported if the developer has responded to the complaint. It is unclear if or when this case will go to trial. Only time will tell how this case turns out.

Managing construction litigation

Going to court is not the only way to resolve construction disputes between developers and contractors. The case described above may be settled through mediation or arbitration — either of which could save both parties time and money. However, in some cases, suing the responsible party is the best course of action. Those in Louisiana who find they have a construction dispute can turn to an experienced construction litigation attorney for guidance and assistance pursuing relief through the legal means deemed most appropriate for their circumstances.