Fighting back against harassment in a Louisiana workplace

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When you go to work, you expect your employer and co-workers to treat you with respect and judge you by the quality of work you produce. Unfortunately, not all workplaces are this fair, and some employees may experience various types of mistreatment. One thing you may experience is workplace harassment. This can happen in many different ways, but they can all take a significant toll on your mental health.

One thing that may be helpful to you is learning more about what counts as harassment and what you can do to fight back against it. What you are experiencing may be overwhelming and confusing, but you do not have to face it alone. Employees subjected to harassment and other forms of mistreatment could have grounds to pursue a civil claim against the employer.

Is it happening to you?

You may not be certain that what you are experiencing counts as harassment. You may assume that you just have to put up with it because you want to keep your job, but that is not the case. You may be a victim of workplace harassment if the following apply to you:

  • You have experienced unwanted aggressive or discriminatory verbal or physical contact.
  • Others in your workplace have treated you in a derogatory or discriminatory manner because of your religion, gender, age or other factors.
  • The treatment you experienced is severe enough to impact your job and create a hostile work environment.

Victims of workplace harassment are often afraid to speak out. They believe they could lose their jobs or suffer additional complications if they report it. You have the right to file a complaint, report the perpetrators and even pursue recourse through the civil justice system if it is an option for you.

The fight for justice

If you have to fight for justice after experiencing harassment in your Louisiana workplace, you do not have to fight alone. You will find it beneficial to work with an experienced and knowledgeable employment law attorney at every step, starting with an assessment of your case. While it cannot reverse what happened to you, a civil claim may be an appropriate way to pursue compensation for damages and hold liable parties accountable for creating and allowing harassment in a professional setting.