Defects a common cause of construction disputes and litigation

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2020 | Construction Litigation |

The constructing of a commercial or residential building should be an exciting thing for the owner. Any excitement can quickly fade when defects are found in the final product, however. Construction defects are a common cause of construction-related disputes and litigation in Louisiana and elsewhere. Those dealing with this type of issue may be able to seek compensation for their losses through legal means.

By definition, a construction defect is an imperfection in a building’s workmanship, design, materials or systems that results in component or structural failure or damage to the property. Some defects are noticeable right away, while others may not become apparent for months or years down the line. No matter when an issue is spotted, it can cause the property owner to suffer significant financial harm, and possibly physical and emotional damages as well. Who can they hold accountable for these losses?

Liability can be challenging to establish in some cases. Several individuals participate in the construction process, including architects, contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers and suppliers. The nature of the defect will help one narrow down who may be held accountable for the damage.

Louisiana residents who are dealing with construction defects and are not sure how to approach the situation or just need help doing so can turn to legal counsel for assistance. An experienced construction litigation attorney may be able to help one identify the responsible party and then, if appropriate, assist one in filing any applicable legal claims in civil court. If one’s case is managed successfully, whether through out-of-court negotiations or litigation, not only should one be able to get the issue fixed — if it hasn’t been already — but monetary relief for both economic and non-economic damages may also be achieved.