Coronavirus raises employment law, safety concerns in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2020 | Business Litigation |

Workers across the United States are navigating unfamiliar waters during the unprecedented measures taken to stop the spread of the latest coronavirus. Employees may be feeling concerned about their safety and confused about their rights, especially if their workplaces remain in operation during the crisis. Some areas of employment law may be challenged in the name of safety, and Louisiana workers may turn to legal professionals to find the answers to their questions.

The virus spreads rapidly and has resulted in thousands of deaths across the world, and workers in the United States may be understandably worried for their own health and the health of their families. Employers have the responsibility to keep their workers safe from harm, and protecting them from the coronavirus may be a primary safety concern these days. Therefore, while a boss can send someone home who looks ill, an employer may violate workers’ rights by requiring them to submit to having their temperatures taken.

A boss may fire an employee who refuses to accept an assignment. However, if the assignment may be dangerous, such as traveling to a state or country with high rate of COVID-19 infections, the employee may be within his or her rights to refuse. Federal safety rules may classify the employee’s concerns as reasonable and the termination wrongful.

Obviously, the rapidly evolving issues in the workplace may require some flexibility and understanding. Nevertheless, employees who feel their bosses treat them unfairly during this difficult time may wish to seek advice from a Louisiana employment law attorney. Armed with solid legal counsel, an employee will have a better idea of the most appropriate course of action to take.