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Coronavirus raises employment law, safety concerns in Louisiana

Workers across the United States are navigating unfamiliar waters during the unprecedented measures taken to stop the spread of the latest coronavirus. Employees may be feeling concerned about their safety and confused about their rights, especially if their workplaces remain in operation during the crisis. Some areas of employment law may be challenged in the name of safety, and Louisiana workers may turn to legal professionals to find the answers to their questions.

Considerations before buying residential real estate in 2020

Buying a home is an important step, but it is one that comes with significant financial ramifications if something goes wrong. Before moving forward with a residential real estate purchase this year, prospective Louisiana homeowners may find it beneficial to consider all of their options and do all of their homework first. This can help them avoid complications and setbacks down the road.

Know these common construction litigation factors

Construction litigation is a serious concern for many home and business owners. Having these projects completed often requires that they put up a considerable sum of money. Unfortunately, they don't always go from start to finish seamlessly. Most people know to expect some issues with a construction project, but they don't expect serious or constant issues to creep up.

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