Does a breach of contract require construction litigation?

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2020 | Construction Litigation |

Any type of construction project is a big deal. In most cases, Louisiana residents cannot complete a construction project on their own, and they must hire professionals. While this can often ensure that the work is done correctly, it could also lead to construction litigation if the company breaches the contract.

First, it is important to note that not all contract breaches require a lawsuit. In some cases, the breach may be minor or nonmaterial, which means that the breach does not cause any major disruption to the project or its outcomes. As a result, there is little reason to move forward with litigation when there may not be any damages or any major damages to address. One minor breach of contract that may not result in material damages is construction workers showing up to a job site late.

On the other hand, pursuing a lawsuit may be worthwhile if major or material breaches in contract occurred. Usually, a major contract breach results in the project not turning out as it was supposed to, which could include the project being incomplete, having defects or other issues. These issues could result in material losses for which a client may wish to pursue compensation.

If individuals believe that the construction company with which they were working breached the contract, they may wonder what their options are. It can often be useful to first obtain an evaluation of the circumstances to determine whether construction litigation may be warranted. Louisiana residents who are concerned about potential breaches of contract may want to discuss their specific dilemmas with knowledgeable attorneys.