Trademark infringement can lead to business litigation

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2019 | Business Litigation |

When a business feels threatened by another company, there may be various reasons. In some cases, that threat may exist because another company is infringing on a company’s trademark, logo or other intellectual property. If so, business litigation could result if a company believes that such action is needed to protect its brand.

Louisiana readers may be interested in multiple lawsuits filed by Backcountry, an online retailer that sells outdoor gear for various activities. The company has filed suit against dozens of other businesses that have used the word “backcountry” in their business names and to describe products or other aspects of their brands. The company has had a trademark on its name since 2007. It was also reported that at least one lawsuit resulted due to a company using a mountain goat, which is a key feature of Backcountry’s logo.

Many of the companies named in the lawsuits have stopped using the word “backcountry.” It was unclear what may have caused the filing of the suits on these small businesses as the word is apparently utilized by over 300 businesses. A request for comment from Backcountry was declined.

If a trademark is being infringed upon, taking legal action may be the only way to ensure that a company does not suffer damage from unauthorized use. If Louisiana businesses believe that another company or person is wrongfully using their intellectual property, they may want to explore their legal options. Discussing possible business litigation with experienced attorneys may help them determine whether such steps are necessary.