What New Orleans businesses need to know about retaliation

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2019 | Business Litigation |

Business strategies will not amount to much for many companies without the employees who put them into action. Many of the businesses here in New Orleans and the surrounding area would not be able to function with them. This means that whether a company is large or small, it needs to remain cognizant of the federal and state protections employees have, including those against retaliation.

Since retaliation can come in many forms, it is vital that New Orleans businesses understand the types of behaviors and actions that could get them into trouble when it comes to this issue. Every business should have some apparatus in place for employees to make complaints regarding discrimination and harassment. The same could be said for making sure that such employees are not further victimized through retaliatory actions such as demotions, firings, negative evaluations, reductions in pay and more.

These prohibitions do not only apply to the person making a complaint. They also apply to anyone who provides information or evidence in an ensuing investigation. Even if the allegations turn out to be false, retaliation is prohibited.

Businesses also need to be careful in how they choose to rectify the individual’s complaint. For example, reassigning the victim could also constitute retaliation since that could be seen as a punishment for the complainant. Instead, the focus needs to be on stopping the behavior and/or the wrongdoer.

When it comes to avoiding accusations of retaliation, New Orleans businesses need to tread carefully since the repercussions could cause significant problems for them. When an employee makes a complaint, he or she must be protected from any retaliatory behavior. Any questions regarding what may constitute this prohibited behavior could be addressed through a discussion with an employment law attorney.