Scrutinizing the abstract of title when purchasing Louisiana land

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2019 | Real Estate Litigation |

Many people assume that when they purchase a piece of land, they own it outright with no hindrances, and rightly so. However, the unfortunate truth is that is not always the case. For this reason, thoroughly reviewing the abstract of title is vital whether that land is here in Louisiana or elsewhere.

The abstract of title lets a prospective buyer know whether there are any items in the history of the property that require addressing prior to making the purchase final. It should list any liens, encroachments, easements or other encumbrances that could prevent free and clear ownership of the property. Other things to look for are errors in the recorded documents.

Those types of errors could range from a typographical error to an incorrect legal description to an improperly drafted document. Someone else may have a claim on the property that you do not know about, which is why purchasing title insurance is an important part of the transaction as well. In any case, if there is some sort of issue with the abstract, it may be possible to get the issue cleared up through the courts.

It often takes court action to remove a problem from the records of a piece of property here in Louisiana or elsewhere. Like any other litigation, the other parties involved will be given the chance to respond, which means this is not something a prospective property owner would want to take on alone. Instead, it would be better to involve an experienced real estate litigation attorney to improve the chances of success. Once the matter is resolved, the purchase of the property can move forward.