Business litigation: Bakery awarded in defamation lawsuit

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2019 | Business Litigation |

In the business world, a company’s reputation can make or break it. Though Louisiana business owners often do their best to ensure customer and client satisfaction and operate their companies without questionable actions, some individuals may try to tarnish a company’s reputation. In some instances, business litigation could result if libelous rumors are spread.

It was recently reported that a jury came to a verdict regarding such a case in another state. The situation began when three college students were accused of attempting to obtain alcohol illegally at a bakery. The students were taken into custody by police, and one was charged with attempted robbery and two others were charged with misdemeanor assault. One student confessed to attempting to purchase alcohol illegally, and the two others pleaded guilty to attempted theft and aggravated trespass. However, because the students were African-American, the college that they attended accused the bakery of racial profiling and discrimination.

Staff members and students held protests in front of the bakery and handed out fliers claiming that the bakery was a racist establishment and encouraged consumers to shop at other bakeries in the area. The owners of the bakery filed a lawsuit for defamation and other wrongdoing. The jury involved in the case recently ruled in favor of the bakery and awarded the owners $11 million.

When it comes to protecting a company’s reputation and overall operations, business litigation can sometimes be warranted, as this case shows. If Louisiana business owners believe that outside parties have wrongfully attempted to interfere with their business operations, they may wish to determine whether taking legal action could suit their circumstances. Having legal support with such matters is often wise.