Netflix facing discrimination lawsuit

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2019 | Business Litigation |

Federal and Louisiana laws protect employees who become pregnant by prohibiting their employers from firing them, harassing them or taking other negative actions simply because of their pregnancy or plans to take maternity leave. Any of these actions constitutes gender discrimination and can lead to serious consequences for the employer. Nevertheless, it is still common to hear of discrimination lawsuits alleging employers fired women who had recently announced their pregnancy.

A recent case involves Netflix and a filmmaker who says her supervisor began treating her badly after she told him she was expecting. The woman claims her boss removed her from important projects and stopped including her in group emails to other employees. The employee also claims her supervisor repeatedly insulted her about her appearance and created a hostile and abusive work environment for her. The day after she announced her plans to take maternity leave, the supervisor fired her.

Netflix executives insist there is no merit to the woman’s claims. The company released a statement saying the employee’s claims are unfounded. It stands by its policy of supporting employees with families. In fact, Netflix claims to have some of the most progressive paid leave policies in the tech industry.

When a company faces allegations of discrimination, those allegations can harm the reputation of the business and those involved. Discrimination lawsuits can include delicate matters and be challenging to defend in court. Louisiana business owners who face accusations of gender discrimination would benefit from the advocacy and support of a skilled business law attorney.