Why you may want to get an attorney for your home sale

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Buying a home can be an incredibly exciting time in a person’s life, especially for first-time buyers. It allows you to put down permanent roots and decorate as you like. You now have a place to start raising your family, whether that includes kids or four-legged family members.

After you find a home and your offer is accepted, you may think the hard part is over. For many home buyers, that is true. However, last-minute issues can come up and complicate your closing. Working with a real estate attorney can protect you from these issues.

Negotiate and explain your contract

A home inspection can reveal problems like bad plumbing, a leaky roof or foundation problems. These can be expensive repairs. An attorney can renegotiate your contract to ask the seller to fix these issues. Then you will not have to immediately spend money on expensive home repairs. If you have any questions about your contract, your attorney can provide insight.

Conduct a thorough title search

When you buy a home, a title search is conducted. This ensures there are no liens or judgements against a property. A lien on a property means a home is not owned outright. Clouds on a title must cleared up before you can purchase a property.

An attorney can complete a title search. He or she can also negotiate with the seller if title problems occur. While title issues are cleared up, your attorney could ask for a price reduction because the issues slowed the sale. Your attorney can also help the seller figure out how to satisfy clouds on a title. A real estate lawyer also ensures you have proper documentation once the title issues are resolved.

Ensure your closing runs smoothly

An attorney attends your closing. He or she is on hand in case any last-minute issues come up. The seller may try to make some final demands, or maybe an outstanding street repair crops up. An attorney can then negotiate with the seller to ensure you are treated fairly, and any issues are handled legally.

Finally, your attorney files all the proper legal documents, so you can rest easy knowing you own your new home free and clear.