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Netflix facing discrimination lawsuit

Federal and Louisiana laws protect employees who become pregnant by prohibiting their employers from firing them, harassing them or taking other negative actions simply because of their pregnancy or plans to take maternity leave. Any of these actions constitutes gender discrimination and can lead to serious consequences for the employer. Nevertheless, it is still common to hear of discrimination lawsuits alleging employers fired women who had recently announced their pregnancy.

A recent case involves Netflix and a filmmaker who says her supervisor began treating her badly after she told him she was expecting. The woman claims her boss removed her from important projects and stopped including her in group emails to other employees. The employee also claims her supervisor repeatedly insulted her about her appearance and created a hostile and abusive work environment for her. The day after she announced her plans to take maternity leave, the supervisor fired her.

The financial impact of purchasing a home

There are often costs and financial responsibilities associated with owning a home that go far beyond just a mortgage payment. Before purchasing a home, Louisiana buyers would be wise to carefully consider the financial implications of this significant decision. While buying a home is a smart step for many people, others may find this is not the right move for them at the time.

One of the most important considerations for a person contemplating a home purchase is to think about whether the individual's lifestyle is suitable for owning a home. People who move often or are not ready to settle down may find this is not the right time to make this commitment. It is not always easy or fast to sell a home, and a buyer may find that he or she needs or wants to sell sooner than expected.

Avoid complications when buying a home with friends

The process of searching for, finding and making an offer on an ideal home can be lengthy and confusing for a Louisiana homebuyer. For many, finances preclude them from owning a home on their own, but buying a home with a friend or multiple friends can give them the opportunity to stop renting and start building equity. While this may seem like an ideal way to enter homeownership, there are many potential pitfalls when two or more people decide to buy a home together.

Buying a home for the first time is an important milestone, but there are important things to consider in order to reduce the chance of financial issues and legal disputes when doing this with another person. One step is for both parties to be completely honest about their ability to make payments, come up with a downpayment and contribute toward things like utilities and insurance. Both parties should also discuss how they will share the house and if that should affect how much each person has to pay toward the mortgage. 

Four things you must decide to set up a business partnership

Forming a partnership can be a great business opportunity. You have a partner to bounce ideas off, and you can utilize your partner’s business strengths. It is also less pressure when starting a business, since you know you are not going it alone.

Setting up a partnership is easier than setting up other types of business entities. You do not set up a board of directors or file a bunch of paperwork. You and your partner file your taxes on your individual income tax returns, since your partnership is a pass-through entity.

Careful consideration important before a home purchase

It is not always easy to find a house that works for a person's budget and specifications. When what seems like the ideal place is finally located, excitement can take over, and the Louisiana resident may rush forward with a home purchase without giving everything careful consideration. There is much more involved with buying a home than finding a suitable house and making an offer.

Before making an offer on a home, it is prudent to first do the research and math and determine what is truly affordable. In addition to the potential mortgage payment, things like insurance, utility payments, upkeep and more should be considered. A buyer may also need to need to get prequalified for a loan before moving forward.

Warning signs when buying a home

Moving to a new home in Louisiana can be an exciting time, but there are certain warning signs that a person could also be buying future complications along with a house. When a person is buying a home, there are red flags that may indicate there are underlying problems that could lead to financial loss and legal trouble down the road. In many cases, this means it is wise to simply walk away and look at other homes.

One of the most important things a person can do is to listen to the advice of others. For example, if a realtor has concerns or a professional inspector believes there are problems, the buyer would be wise to listen, no matter how much he or she likes the house. These individuals have the experience and knowledge necessary to know when something might be wrong.

Building a Louisiana home requires many moving parts

Building a home requires several people with numerous skills. Architects, general contractors, subcontractors and others should all work together in order to get the job done. When something goes wrong with a Louisiana construction project, it can be a challenge to pinpoint who is responsible. 

Several things can go wrong with a project. It could start with flaws in the design that could range from inadequate structural support to a leaky roof to poor drainage. The work done by contractors may not meet with applicable standards, which could result in defects as well.

When should I decline to sell my real estate?

Selling property is an enormous undertaking, and after all of the hard work and effort most people put into the process, it might feel counterintuitive to reject an offer to buy. However, there are several very good reasons for doing just that. Here are a few situations in which it might be appropriate to decline a real estate purchase offer.

Home values can be tricky to determine and fluctuate regularly. Things like the housing market, neighborhood and even area of Louisiana in which a house is located can all influence what a home is worth. If an offer rolls in that is significantly less than a property's current value, saying "no" to avoid a loss is understandable. It is also perfectly acceptable to decline an offer if the seller believes that the potential buyer might not be able to secure a loan because of his or her economic position.

Louisiana real estate trends for the coming year

Among their many plans for the new year, some may be hoping to purchase property, typically either a residence or a commercial investment. Each year brings new factors to consider when making what is often the largest single purchase of a lifetime, including the economic climate and cultural shifts. In examining the trends, real estate analysts have come up with some strategies that may be useful for those in Louisiana who may be in the market for a home or investment.

Advisors have long encouraged investors to include real estate in their portfolios because of its high performance and stability. Commercial real estate may be particularly valuable, especially if the investor is savvy and keeps up with trends, including the movement toward opportunity zones. Nevertheless, commercial investors should be aware of the continuing pressure that e-commerce places on brick-and-mortar stores, so investors are moving toward those enterprises, such as gyms and restaurants, that do not compete with e-trade.

Tips for successful real estate investment

Would-be investors often look to real estate because of its dependability. Besides providing some control over one's investment, it often provides a steady passive income. However, as with any investment, success depends on many factors. How to buy in the right place at the right time is not always easy to know. Nevertheless, some successful investors offer tips for savvy real estate investing.

Location is certainly a critical concern, so when buying property, it is important to look beyond the four walls. A Louisiana neighborhood where residents and employees can comfortably walk, perhaps near amenities, is always a plus. Other signs that your investment may be profitable include its proximity to a desirable body of water, a growing tech company or major sources of transportation. These factors attract long-term tenants who may be willing to pay premium rent for your unit.

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